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Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
I concur. Especially when there is a sticky at the top of the page that lists all of the features of the 1LE.
@bad@asscamaro, scubaado7, whammo :

Read my first and second posts in this thread. I'm clearly referring to a 0.3 sec difference.

The figures are there very clearly written.

I had a brief lapse for a couple of posts when I wrote 3 sec, a lapse which I acknowledged and corrected later, yet even then it can be inferred I'm writing/thinking about a three tenths gap.

Such inference falls flat on its face as a three second difference (from an SS which is able to do 4.6 or 4.7 0-60mph times in stock trim) would mean that a stock 1LE was doing what... 1.6 secs / 0-60???? 9secs to the quarter???

Yeah,, right !!! And if a pig had wings, it would be a B-2 bomber.

We are trying here to have a serious, intelligent discussion about a topic that was featured in an international auto magazine as factual, yet I have subsequently found (youtube search yesterday) other established sources which results contradict this.

I thought it would be relevant/of interest to any SS or 1LE owner.

Feel free to join, leave or simply watch, yet I respectfully think it is up to forum moderators to decide if the thread is worth continuing or not.

Drive safe,

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