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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
You both are correct in statements. But you are talking about two different points.

My EVo would run a 1.5 60ft and destroy most high 9 and 10 second cars to the 1/8. But in the big end of the track the faster cars would freight train me and pass me because I was on a stock Turbo and would run out of steam. My 122 trap speed and 11.3 was no match for 130+ trap speeds even though I was faster to the 1/8 mile due to traction and gearing.
@Dropspeed :

Yours is a text book example. Your Evo actually had a traction advantage (4w drive right??) and the turbo gave you a kick a$$ jolt a few feet from the launch gate, yet cars that where just opening their lungs by the 1/8 mark would come back at you with a vengeance.

Fraxum Hmmm. I think the proof is at the track. The 1LE quarter mile times I have seen posted are right around standard LS3 times. The stickier tires and slightly lighter wheels are an advantage. No proven advantage for NPP or electric PS. The for sure shift to 4th hurts.


You might be right and wiser than us all speculating here

Last night, I found many videos loaded in YOUTUBE about driving impressions on the 1LE, some even posting 0-60mph times that were not far from standard SS times (with no clarification on the acquisition of these figures - were they repeating manufacturer's estimates, or did their own measurements) yet nothing still about 1/4 miles.

Again, the idea crosses my mind that MT may have been handed, unknowingly, a ringer for their test.

And yes, the extra shift might, every now and then, cost you a sleeve you otherwise had bagged in.


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