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Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
is it me or does the ASHEN Gray V6 on the street look like its lowered ? has a Rake to it at certain angles
I was going to point out the same thing...its one of the first things I noticed.

That V6 is LOW. why is that? Its lower than my V6 for SURE and I'm pretty sure lower than the current SS is as well. So why is that? Is that car wearing some kind of new sport V6 suspension or are all Camaros going to be lower now?

My thoughts:

1) If they are all going to be lower...that is great!
2) SO HAPPY that the new V6 front fascia has a lower lip like the current SS has. Its something I've wished my V6 front end had since day one, but I never wanted the mailslot
3) The rest of it still does not impress me or grow on me at all. It looks too wide eyed in the front, fog lights are tiny, and the rear....well its the worst part.
4) The NPP exhaust looks great.
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