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Originally Posted by HumanWiki View Post
I had a 5th gen. With blower, wheels, full suspension, exhaust, dual fuel systems, etc. I love it. Just because I have a dissenting opinion, I'm a non-Camaro fan? God you people really do have identity issues when someone makes a negative comment. It's like your self-worth revolves around what others think of your platform.

This one was better -- even though it's sideways and equally short.

This is also my first Corvette in my life. I had two 4th gen Trans Ams, an '05 GTO, a Steeda GT, Z71, and a C1500 Pickup with a fully built motor, trans, etc.

I do like the new Stingray and I would have made the same comments on it as well.
So I'm supposed to know your entire car ownership history just because you posted in here? I assumed from your avatar and info that you were a vette guy which was a perfectly reasonable assumption considering I know nothing about you other than the first posts I read from you where you're saying how boring the new Z/28 appears to be. That kind of comment leads one to think you're a hardcore vette guy and not a Camaro fan.

You're in a Camaro forum and specifically in the Z/28 section, and if you read through this particular thread you should have already figured out the enthusiasm we fans have of the Z/28. It has nothing to do with our "identities" or "self-worth". We're excited about this car and might find it perhaps a bit odd that someone who isn't, took the time to find and participate in such a dedicated forum thread.

If you like Camaros then stay tuned. There will be more videos surfacing soon I'm sure and we'll see better and better examples of what this car will sound like and be able to do.

Blue Angel is here!!
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