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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
So I'm supposed to know your entire car ownership history just because you posted in here? I assumed from your avatar and info that you were a vette guy which was a perfectly reasonable assumption considering I know nothing about you other than the first posts I read from you where you're saying how boring the new Z/28 appears to be. That kind of comment leads one to think you're a hardcore vette guy and not a Camaro fan.

You're in a Camaro forum and specifically in the Z/28 section, and if you read through this particular thread you should have already figured out the enthusiasm we fans have of the Z/28. It has nothing to do with our "identities" or "self-worth". We're excited about this car and might find it perhaps a bit odd that someone who isn't, took the time to find and participate in such a dedicated forum thread.

If you like Camaros then stay tuned. There will be more videos surfacing soon I'm sure and we'll see better and better examples of what this car will sound like and be able to do.
I'm not surprised you don't really know me or remember any of my years of posts on this site while I was a 5th Gen owner. I followed your posts for some time trying to adapt it to my own car where I could, as I did with many others. I ran the absolute piss out of my 5th gen -- to the point of breaking it many times, in many different ways. I finally got tired of owning the car and felt unhappy about some unposted issues and I sold it for the GS I have now.

I'm not unimpressed with the car. I'm unimpressed with the videos. That's what I'm waiting on. Much better videos actually showcasing this car's true performance abilities.

I don't have the 5th Gen in my sig any longer because the details simply wouldn't fit.
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