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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
I am still going to wait for final judgement until I see one for real.
I was hoping the V6 versions would look better than what I have seen so far. I did notice the non RS V6 red one had no chrome strip on the front and the grille is styled similar to the stock grille now.
As of right now I am not feeling the changes were for the better.
I'm feeling similar. I'm still reserving final judgement for when I see the refresh in person, but I sure am not getting the, 'holy cr@p, I must have it!' feeling that '10-'13 gave me.

I'm a bit bummed, because I planned on ordering one exactly to my specs after I paid down my current model a bit more. Now I feel like I'll be waiting to see what the next gen looks like...
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