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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
I think human nature plays more of a role here than some would care to admit...

Who wants to think what they recently paid big bucks for is yesterday's news already?

In today's world, and the market these cars are in, can you really believe the older ones will now go up in value?

How many features on your existing car do you complain about, yet you are still happy with it and glad you bought it?...

We have already made a purchase and a decision to buy what we like, the new '14s yet to be sold will enjoy the same enthusiasm....
This is true in certain situations. However for car enthusiasts they'll like newer versions of their car. There isn't much envy around here.

That said I plan to trade mine for a truck soon, and even when I don't have a camaro anymore I think the 14 models are butt ugly compared to the 10-13s
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