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Originally Posted by S3XPanther View Post
I placed mine April 8th. Interestingly, however, is the fact that there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how/when GM accepts orders and established TPW's. I was actually just reading about a guy that placed his order in early March and received the same TPW as someone else who placed their order much later. If there is a rhyme or reason as to who gets what TPW, I sure don't know what it is.
When it's a constraint model or option like 1LE, it's just whether or not the ordering dealer has an allocation. We were lucky to get 3 when I ordered the 1LEs in my first post. We had originally only gotten 1 allocation that week. However, I asked for a total of 3 Camaros that week and had 3 1LE preliminary orders. I got all 3 because 2 other dealers either didn't want their 1LE allocations or they just didn't bother putting in 1LE orders that week. If a dealer earns an allocation for something on constraint, they have to put an order in with that option or it will go to another dealer that has asked for extra allocation. We had an allocation for a Hot Wheels Edition last week but I chose to order a ZL1 instead so that HW allocation will go to another dealer if they asked for one.
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