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Originally Posted by Ohten View Post
Can you order one without those hideous tail lights.
All I can say is you already got yours before they changed them. And careful, Scott might blow up on you if you say something too bad about the, uh, improvements that everyone worked on. Tell you honestly, first time I sat in a 5th Gen was Indy 2008, it was a mule care with 320,000 miles on it. I absolutely hated the 4 gauge cluster. I said when I get mine, before I drive it off the lot I'm taking a hammer and smashing the cluster and throwing the shards of plastic on the dealer asphalt and then driving off. But, I wouldn't say they grew on me so much as I don't pay attention anymore. I do clean them, but other than that I don't look down while I'm driving. But I'm very glad I got my car before they changed the tail lights.
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