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Originally Posted by Optimus View Post
Not that anyone cares but I like the refresh and the more I see it, the better it looks. To me, the refreshed Camaro is a more futuristic version of what I had in my 2010. Sure, I love the tail lights/rear end of the current version but the new one is very appealing in a different way. Chrome strip on the front? Indifferent. If I don't like it when I get a 14 then I'll remove it/paint it, etc. Since I don't currently own a Camaro (sold my 2010 last September) I will be in the market again soon. With the exception of the new Vette (or a really stupid deal on a 13), I am not looking at any other vehicle. While my needs are for a daily driver, I am also very interested in the Z/28 (a bit of sound proofing, etc and that might do the trick...). Regardless, I've enjoy reading all the comments but I am surprised by all the "HATE" vs a simple "not a fan yet", etc. Final comment/question... I've seen pix of 3 different versions. Is it possible that one is a V-6, one is a TT V-6 (hence the dual exhause) and then one is the V-8 (SS).
Originally Posted by racer50200 View Post
I like your approach. All this "hate" and almost no one has seen one in person!

If the Z/28 looks so good, why not just buy an SS. and add the necessary pieces from GM / aftermarket and have the identical look? Should look equally great with 20" wheels and should not be too hard to pull off.

Personally, as a GM and Camaro fan, I'll just wait until I can see an SS in person before forming my opinion.
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