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Originally Posted by litle88 View Post
What cam and springs are you using?

Valve float will chew up a lifter and cam.

TSP VVT-3, PRC .650" doubles.

I don't think it's a set-up problem, as mentioned, the car has run great with this set up. It could be that a piece of debris that was someplace in the motor found it's way to the lifter and caused another "roller failure of sorts" but as it sits, the roller is free and there is no detectable movement in the pin or excessive clearence in the bearings so I don't think that's it.

What I will be paying attention to is the springs, they may be fatigued causing float, the odd thing is the problem is isolated to #6 ex. If it's something worn out or broken in the spring or valve it will be evident when I disassemble and measure things up. I will be going with new springs as these do have some mileage on them and the #6 set has who know's what thrown at them lol.

I am leaning towards spring fatigue at this point, I won't lie in saying the car was near redline several times during some hole shots and 1st-2nd shifts. I'll know more when it's apart further.
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