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Originally Posted by CrystalRedTintcoat View Post
I use the K&N 63-3074. It aint fancy. Looks OK (not flashy like others). And I pulled 411HP on the dyno with no other mods. And that's using a Dynapak dyno:

I didn't tune with the dyno either. This was just a baseline. My cheapo CAI seems solid to me.

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That's the one I use. Plastic has to be better for driving around heat soaked than the CAI kit. I have been bashed for this before because vendors show dyno gains on cold pulls. I challenge a vendor to show a heat soaked 30 mile cruise IAT on the "metal coated" CAI vs another brand with a "plastic" tube. No one drives for 40 seconds to do a dyno pull and cools off for an hour before the next. We continuously drive around with heat soak.

My buddy has a CAI brand on his 2010 and everytime after a cruise I can't touch his intake tube for more than 3 second without burning my hand. I can rest my hand just fine on my el-cheap-o, horrible,power losing(according to people in other threads) K&N intake.

The fishbowl comment was funny. No doubt there's a lot of time and $$ in those big fancy boxes, and there's no surprise that's what you're paying more for.

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