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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Is it only certain races its not allowed or is it by class?
That's for SCCA classes except for this:

9.3.2. ACTIVE SUSPENSIONS AND TRACTION CONTROL SYSTEMS Active suspensions and traction control systems, as installed by the automobile manufacturer and unmodified, are allowed only in Touring.
9.3.44. SUSPENSION AND STEERING Suspension and steering shall be of suitable design and in good working order. Four wheel steering is prohibited. Unless specifically permitted, non-metallic suspension control arms, locating links, toe/steering links and pushrods are prohibited.

9.1.1. FORMULA CATEGORY CLASSES Formula Atlantic (FA) Formula 1000 (FB) Formula Continental (FC) Formula Enterprises (FE) Formula Vee (FV) Formula F (FF) Formula 500 (F5) Formula Mazda (FM) Formula S (FS) Regional Class Formula First (FST) Regional Class Formula 600 (F6) Regional Class 9.1.1 continues in the Formula Category Rules.

9.1.2. GRAND TOURING CATEGORY CLASSES GT-1 (GT1) GT-2 (GT2) GT-3 (GT3) GT-Lite (GTL) 9.1.2 continues in the GT Category Rules.
9.1.3. IMPROVED TOURING CATEGORY CLASSES (REGIONAL CLASSES) R (ITR) S (ITS) A (ITA) B (ITB) C (ITC) 9.1.3 continues in the Improved Touring Category Rules.
9.1.4. SUPER TOURING CATEGORY CLASSES STU (STU) STL (STL) 9.1.4 continues in the Super Touring Category Rules.
9.1.5. PRODUCTION CATEGORY CLASSES E Production (EP) F Production (FP) H Production (HP) 9.1.5 continues in the Production Category Rules. 9.1.6. SEDAN CATEGORY American Sedan (AS)
9.1.6 continues in the American Sedan Category Rules.
9.1.7. SPEC MIATA CLASS Spec Miata (SM) 9.1.7 continues in the Spec Miata Class Rules.
9.1.8. SPORTS RACING CATEGORY CLASSES A Sports Racing (ASR) Regional Class C Sports Racing (CSR) D Sports Racing (DSR) Sports 2000 (S2) Spec Racer Ford (SRF)
9.1.8 continues in the Sports Racing Category Rules.
9.1.9. TOURING CATEGORY CLASSES: Touring 1 (T1) Touring 2 (T2) Touring 3 (T3) Touring 4 (T4) 9.1.9 continues in the Touring Category Rules.
9.1.10. B-SPEC CATEGORY CLASSES B-Spec (B-Spec) 9.1.10 continues in the B-SPEC Category Rules.
9.1.11. SPEC MX-5 CLASS Spec MX-5 (SM5) Regional Class 9.1.11 continues in the Spec MX-5 Class Rules.
9.1.12. CARS RUN IN THE PROPER CLASS A. All cars shall race in their respective classes. B. Cars should not be run in classes and/or categories for which they were not designed or intended. The Chief Steward must approve the proposed classification. He will not approve if the car is so dissimilar or the car/driver combination otherwise unsuitable that it is a hazard or impediment to fair competition among the other cars in the class and race group.

I believe the Corvette participates in the Grand Touring class. Not sure which one though.
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