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Originally Posted by Palutz59 View Post
I love the haters ... Honestly I do. CAN NOT WAIT for the 14s to come out. Finally a refined car that will make them salivate. The Z/28 drew so much attention and now that it's not attainable by most the 14s have been written off. Just face the truth ... You 10-13s r old news. I'm so happy that GM differentiated between the V6s and the SS / Z/28 models. 10-13 models shared too many features on the V6 and V8. No more. Pay up or shut up. Judge all you want from those garbage pictures. Worse than TMZ cuz nothing can be made out except that the V6s will be ugly. If you aren't sure about the 14s check out the Z/28 pics. If you don't like the Z/28 so be it cuz GM doesn't care and neither do any customers either. Bottom line is be irrelevant .. That's all.
I love my '13. Only year for that body style 1LE....and the last year for IOM. Definitely a lot more relevant than a cookie cutter wannabe.
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