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Originally Posted by Izach26 View Post
Come out for work and this is what I see

24 Hour Security, Gate Keycard Access, (ARMED) guards, and they still stole all my shit...I really love Newark and my 20th floor apt, but it obviously time to move....

No TOW truck company will touch is becuase scared of causeing more damages, guys in the club are giving me a spare set of rim to throw on there to get it towed

Neighbor got his 2013 Escalaed stolen, by the same guys....

The Regular Security Guys are Young car buffs and watch my car like a HAWK, last night a new 80 year old guy worked the 11-7AM shift and this is waht happen to my car

AND Neighbor got his 2013 Escalade stolen, by the same guys....
Can't help but wonder if this was an inside deal....with so much "security" how do folks get away with such atrocities?

Sorry and best luck in your recovery efforts.
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