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Originally Posted by dkp2LT View Post
Look at one that has the RS package and make sure you are OK without it. Many are but others, like me, wanted the 20" wheels and the HID's. Adding the wheels after the fact aren't too expensive used but the OEM HID's will run you $800-900 if you buy them here. Also your dealer will tell you that it is impossible to add the HID's. Those two things lone will set you back about $1500-$2000.
Yea, that's the thing. I love the HID's and the 20" rims. I could probably live without the rims but not the HID's. The moulding colour and RS badges, I could live without. The tail lights and spoiler I could also live without. I will most likely tint the tail lights a bit anyways, and possibly get the spoiler dipped or wrapped. IDK, I'll photoshop it and decide. How much do you think I could get the dealership to knock it down?
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