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Originally Posted by SemperGumby View Post
So who wants to place bets on what next months incentives will be?

2013 - 1500 cash rebate

2014 - 500 cash rebate

I might be a bit off, but I doubt that we'll see much on the 2014s until they actually show up.
When I went on the site the other day (right after I bought my car) the Camaro incentive loaded in at 1000.00, quickly flashed to 1500.00, and then back to 1000.00. Something's there, just not yet.

If it goes to 1500, and someone snags a Private Offer for 1000.00, they'll have done very well for themselves on a 2013, as long as they can get decent money off of MSRP on an outright purchase, or an over-allowance on their trade-in( both)
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