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I'll send a mass e-mail out to those that have filled out the form for the contact list.

Now with the e107 CMS, you can make certain pages available only to a select user group, correct. This might be an easy way to always have the contact list available without having to go though google.

Originally Posted by neko95 View Post
Are you still going? If so where are you meeting up with the group.
Yes, my cousin is coming in to town and going. I was originally planning on driving the hour to meet them in Itasca and cruising back with the big group, but unsure if I want to deal with the construction. If we had a large enough group coming from Wisconsin, I'd be tempted to make a little cruise from here down to there. I'll probably leave it up to my cousin. I know Mark (Zip3151) is planning on just going to Hooters early, before everyone pulls in.
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