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That sucks so hard. I'd be pissed. But what do you expect, it's Newark. Been there, not going back.

Tuscaloosa, Al, at first glance is one huge ghetto, and that's true, but there are three sure fire ways to not get your house robbed here.

1. Don't look like a student, when 30,000 students clear out for break out of a metro area of 90,000(or 192,000 on football saturdays) thiefs clear out their houses for them.

2. Have a Chuck, that's my dog. Don't say anything about a girl named Chuck, it's a family name. But it's like this, when my cop buddy comes by once a week and sits in his patrol car for an hour in my driveway(which also helps deter thieves) he says "dude, nobody is gonna mess with your dog". To me she's a sweet heart, I swear.

3. Lot's of guns, and make sure the general public knows you're armed, heavily. Again, when my cop buddy walked in and saw my .500 Magnum sitting out he acted like he about stepped on a snake and said "I forgot you had that thing!"

Yeah it really sucks that happened to your car. Seriously though I'm fortunate that with all the football money and tax revenue from that and the University, Thank you Nick Saban, that we have a ton of cops on patrol all hours all around the city. They are usually friendly and nice and you don't go very long without seeing one drive by.

Hope it works out for you, get your car fixed and look for a job down here, several big companies in a small town, Goodyear has a facility, Hunt Refining, and Mercedes has a plant right up the road
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