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Originally Posted by jewel25 View Post
I was followed and threatened by a fat short guy in his 40s. Called the cops and filed a report, put my car in storage for the winter. Then got 20% tint in the spring.

Dude never said why he followed me just said, I know what you drive and where you work and will find out where you live. Then he said, I will send my friends after you. Creepy!!!!!!
A short guy eh? Sounds like Napoleon escaped from the formaldehyde jar at the Chesterfield abortion clinic. My cousin was like that. He got vacuumed out at 6 months but still managed to crawl his way home so his mom had no choice but to keep him. He finished out the final 3 in the microwave and has a few self confidence issues.

Anyway...I know exactly the type you are describing jewel. I would've called the cops to.
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