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Originally Posted by dragon22 View Post
Might be a dumb question, but are you sure the tire shop put the wheels on the correct ends of the car? LOL

I know my car feels different when I put the performance ones on as well. The winters are so sticky and soft, it's like putting the car on rails afterward. Good call on getting the foreman to go for a ride. If you were off the next couple of days, I would lend what little expertise I may have. LOL

BTW...taking my car in tomorrow to Southgate. The AC belt snapped off. Now I know that doesn't just happen, so I'm pretty sure I'm looking at a new compressor as well. I know it snapped off because it didn't take the main serpentine belt off with it.

Also...last Thursday, I was sitting in a parking lot and a little asian guy pulled in beside me and threw his door open so hard, I thought a car had hit me. Imagine my displeasure to see a dent in my LR 1/4 panel above the wheel. 3" long and 1/2" deep!

I explained rather sternly that he was paying for it! Got his information. Took it to the dent clinic and they said it will not look the same again. :( Said they can get most of it out, but it will only be about 80% perfect. It is in the worse possible spot ever! So...I'll get a quote from Southgate to make it perfect and he can pay for it!
That's horrible about your car! Good thing you were there and got the guys info, makes you wonder what people are thinking. Hopefully it can be fixed right and not just 80%, I'd be making the guy buy you a new door if it can't be fixed. Good luck!!

Shop didn't change tires, Jason and my bro did.....thinking the shop will be doing the next one....yes they are on right I hope it's just me being a noob I work during the days, but thank you. I'll hit the dealer on the way in to work, even Saturday would be fine.

Originally Posted by blink View Post
They look great. I'm gonna steal your idea with the cards. Did they work well or did they leave little card marks by the inside edges of the wheel?

I agree with the white stripes though.
Cards worked great, no marks that I can see, just make sure you get the edges,,I've noticed its a little thin in a couple of spots, but I think I'm the only one who would notice.

Worse case, they stay black for the summer, I can redo them in smoke in the fall when they come off. I do like it much better than the chrome, and it really helps with the decision of what wheels to put on when I decide to get new ones...not black.

Originally Posted by Tyler H View Post
If I screw up the decal install I am going to Plasti dip the bow ties. No need to remove them. Just going to mask them off.
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