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Originally Posted by SIM Curly View Post
Should I do 20x9 on all 4 corners on stock tires? Or 20x9 in front and 20x10 on back on stock tires and when its time to upgrade get a fatter rear tire?
I considered this, but the extra weight of the larger rear rims, weight of the larger tires, and extra cost versus a 9" wide 275 tire doesn't justify it for me.

For my purposes, I don't need the little bit of extra rear traction either.

Wouldn't be able to rotate them.

Also, the 10" rear rims with their deeper inset won't poke out much further at all than the 9" rims with their +27 offset, so the look won't be much different from the side of the car. The 10" tire would actually stick further in to the car than stock and this 9" wheel so that would be the biggest change. (fatter look from the back)

These are just my thoughts for my purpose. Others may want the staggered rims. Either way..its going to look awesome.
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