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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
I think the pictures look great -- good job to Team Camaro. While it's absolutely no surprise that people who already own a 2010-2013 are going to push back on the redesign (Ask 93-97 Camaro owners what they think of the 98-02 Camaro), I think it will bring new buyers into the Chevrolet dealerships who otherwise might not have considered the Camaro. It's been well received on many websites that are devoted to the competitors (Mustang sites, Challenger sites, etc) so if it means more conquest sales - that's a HUGE plus.
I owned a 99SS and I prefered the 93-97 body style. The LS1 was just too much to pass up though. I don't currently own a 5th gen so I don't really have a dog in the hunt right now, but I prefer the rear end of the 10-13 over the 14. The front I can go either way, it has grown on me enough that I am indiferent over which style front I get. The question (like for my 99SS) is the Z28 enough of an upgrade over the ZL1 that I will choose the design I like less. If I get a 13 ZL1 I will be adding recaros though!
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