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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
They'll have a 6th gen Z/28, bank on it! They've NEVER skipped a generation from the model. Just dont look for it to be ANYTHING like this one cause it wont hold a candle to it.
thats what I meant, didn't word it right. THIS Z/28 will only be built in a couple thousand units IMO.

Originally Posted by Col. Brain View Post
production is limited because this is pretty much an all out race car with a VIN that you can drive on the street.

Most people will not want it and to those people the ZL1 will be cheaper/nicer of an all around car they are looking for.

The Z/28 is either destined for a carcover and garage or the race track.

So I believe the production will be limited but something tells me a few thousand of these cars will be made. They sold plenty of 70k+ Corvettes why not sell that many Camaros?
I agree that they may sell a few thousand, but ill also say personally I think more people (outside buyers here looking for a toy/weekend warrior) would rather drop 70K on a Corvette than a Camaro.
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