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FS: Master EFI Tuner - How to Tune book

Brand new, still sealed in plastic.

$44.95 + $7.95 shipping to the continental US. Paypal for payment.

Cliff notes: This is a great how to tune book for those interested in learning how to tune. It also covers the VVE (Virtual VE Table) used in the 5th gen Camaros as well as some basic 6L80 transmission tuning.

Detailed information:

Master EFI Tuner - GM EFI Live by Dan Maslic

This Book was written with one goal in mind: To show you how to tune almost any engine combination imaginable using commonly available tuning software and a simple, straight-forward tuning process. This second edition of Master EFI Tuner - GM EFI will provide you with all of the necessary theoretical knowledge required to understand General Motors' EFI systems without boring you with unnecessary informational "fluff". What you get in this EFI tuning book is straight-forward, right-down-to-the-heart-of-the-matter information that is easily understood and immediately useable by you to tune your own engine! The book does this using a very simple format... First, the concepts and relevent theory of GMEFI is spelled out in very simple terms that are easy to understand. This allows you to gain the necessary knowledge and insight required to confidently approach any GM EFI system that needs tuning. Second, a universal, yet very detailed tuning process is provided in a step-by-step format that allows you to follow the relevent steps required to tune GM's late-model EFI systems. The detailed tuning process covers everything from basic system settings up to providing detailed information on how to correctly tune by recalibrating a Mass Air Flow sensor and correctly setting the Volumetric Efficiency table(s). The step-by-step process is easy to follow and can be applied on almost any GM EFI system. Third, the tuning process is reinforced with 3 different case studies that show how the tuning process is applied using real-world examples. Case studies include different vehicles tht have been modified from mild to wild.
Basic theory and operation of GM EFI systems
Basic theory behind engine tuning
EFI tuning theory including fuel and ignition considerations
6 case studies!
3 case studies featuring HP Tuners tuning software
3 case studies featuring EFILive tuning software
All case studies include step-by-step tuning process, illustrations and dyno graphs showing the real-world results and performance impacts that result from each step of the tuning process.

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