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I was hoping that the 427 being offered was an SS427 option for this model year, so I agree with the OP. In my view, GM did an odd thing by not calling the ZL1 a Z28- the ZL1 is much more of a mass marketed high end Camaro, and the Z28 nameplate would have sold many more cars. The current Z28 is more reminiscent of the ZL1 cars from 69 (which is where the name comes from) than the original Z28- stripped down, 427, yada yada yada. Baffling, but I'm sure there were smart people with money in mind when they made that decision. To me, not the smart marketing guy from GM, the Z28 should be more of a mass market vehicle than it's going to be. Like it was stated, the Z28's are going to be rarely seen on the road- with that front bumper/splitter you can't park it anywhere without damaging it.
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