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Originally Posted by Optimus View Post
Originally Posted by Wizard1183
Thats high! You can buy them here for $13,592 + $175 shipping.

Correct me if I am wrong but will that exact engine fit into a camaro? I thought i read that the exhaust manifold, etc was specifically modified to fit the engine bay of the camaro. If it is truly as easy as ordering a 1LE and then dropping another $13,500 on the engine, then that's a bargin - maybe less than a ZL-1, depending on labor costs. Damn, I am so confused on what to buy. Just glad I have awesome choices...

Manifolds can be changed but im pretty sure the engine mounts are the same so it should in theory "drop in"

As for just the engine - you will need to have it tuned. You will also need to convert it to a wet sump system (Mast Motorsports sell their LS7s already converted).

I am sure there are a few other things but yes I would think you could do the swap under 20k. So for about 50k you could have a 427 1LE
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