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Originally Posted by davidcroft View Post
I have a 2012 SS that I haven't driven in a month!! It currently has 9923 miles on it and my used car manager at work said he'll ding me $1000 on my trade in for going over 10,000 miles!!! I have been driving my Malibu everywhere! I'd rather not even have a Camaro in the garage at I'll have made 2 car payments since mine has been on order

from what I hear it will be totally worth the wait!
Wait...your making payments on a car you haven't recieved yet? That makes no sense.

Matt, I'm hoping they ship mine soon, it would be cool to finally meet you. Mine was built 4-15 but still hasn't shipped

[B]Ordered 3/8/13
TPW 4/15/13
Built 4/15/13
Bayed 4/18/13
Released from QC HOLD 5/22/13
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