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My eyes are going on the rally yellow camaro sorry! I like the look of the 13 mustang's and the challengers sales increase I think is because they will stop making them soon. So last call for a new nice looking Challenger with 0 miles . When I went to a Dodge dealer to look a the camaros they had they were telling me that they can give me the 2013 Challenger srt for cheaper than a new 2012 camaro ss that they had on their Chevy lot. Then I said no he left for a minute and cameback with his sales manager that was telling me I will regret not getting a Challenger because they will be collector cars unlike the camaro because they will stop making them. The sales person didn't know the price of the set but was promising he will beat the SS price then he pull the price tag out the window and was like oh nevermind the tag . I was like why is it 50 thousand and he said 52,000 yikes I laugh when he said yikes but his manager was like let him go because Chevy runs deep in him.
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