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Originally Posted by calebparkin3 View Post
Wow the Challenger has really been picking up sales with no major changes to apperance. Im glad to see it! I love my Mustang, and my Camaro. but those Challengers demand your attention when you drive by one. If the wife wasnt all "more kids, more kids!" I would have a 392 Challenger parked next to the Stang and Camaro.

I think the 14 Camaro will see initial sales go up, and then drop off pretty steeply after the first few months. Although the refresh is tolerable, it just dosent have the POP that the 10-13 still have. Ford won the refresh battle in looks this time; although sales diffrence between the two will probably stay the same or get even a little closer. Lets face it though, as much as i love the S197 mustangs its almost 10 years old and is very played out. The Camaro even with a not so good refresh is still new enough to out sell the compitition. GM will have to pull some serious magic vodoo out to ever sell a camaro as well as the 10-13's sold. I hope they have something stunning planned for the 6th gen; because from how things sound, Ford is really going to drop the ball with the new 6th gen "World" (all that means is european, and not american) Mustang.
I feel that the chally isn't nice looking at all I would rather have a mustang
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