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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
no source. Both MotorTrend and Car and Driver have articles on the Z/28 in the June mags. Car and Driver has some rather blah performance numbers they are estimating for the car. Top end in low 170's and 0-60 @ 4.2 seconds. Not sure where they are getting these numbers. They say they are estimates but quote Stielow in the article.
If the 170 mph top speed is correct, and I hope against hope that it is correct, then the enthusiasts have the final and ultimate proof that this is a no compromise track car.

Trackrats understand with crystal clarity. Top speed numbers are utterly meaningless except to magazine induced mental masturbators. Just like 1/4 mile and 0-60 times. Useless information for use on track.

Give me a close ratio gearbox that allows the engine to pull like a locomotive in every single gear, and that allows me to be in the right gear for every corner, that is what I want. Not a top-speed numerical compromise meant to appeal to the unthinking sheep.

170 mph top speed: Please, please let it be true...
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