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Originally Posted by chef-beavis View Post
Excuse me, if I may, but there is no mystery or hidden agenda here. Did you get burned by a certain grille that required money up front, or what? If you follow the threads and look at their site you will see pics and videos of the results and some parts. You would know this is a father/son team starting a business at home. They have done all code writing and r&d. They have selected all US vendors for manufacturing and packaging. Your device to interface with is your own smartphone or electronic wifi-capable device of choice that can run the app. The modules are little plastic boxes with the Doo dads inside to make it work. They are currently waiting for everything to come in from vendors, get packaged, and run through final testing. If you need a picture of a bundle of wires and some LED bulbs for a warm fuzzy then pay full price in two weeks when they've had time to post them. No need to come shat on their thread or make accusations. I'm sure you can get pics from the beta cars without that dig.
It's all good...I didn't take offense to the questions. One correction to what you posted...our wiring harness manufacturer is a US company. We do have our circuit boards manufactured overseas. We tried really hard to make it work where everything was done in the US. But the circuit board manufacturing and assembly of the tiny components (which is done by a machine) would have cost over double to get done here in the US. I just wanted to be clear on that. We tried, but the US just isn't competitive on that yet.
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