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How "low mileage" is my 2011 Camaro

So I may be accused of being "too vain" about the mileage on my camaro. I also know of a lot of guys who have fewer miles than mine. I'm also not one of those people who doesn't drive the car to keep the miles off of it (I mean, I bought the car, I should drive it.)

Sorry for the above
--With this in mind..

I purchased my 2011 2SS M6 in November of 2011 new (with 312 miles) and got a heck of a deal on it. As of today I've got 9727 miles on the clock and I was initally trying to stay under 10k miles until November of this year (not sure why, maybe trying to hit 5000 miles a year or under).

Since I'm most likely not going to stay under 10k miles this year, I wonder if I'm calculating the mileage wrong for the car's value sake. I've been looking at the mileage in terms of "since I've owned the car" not since the car was produced and devlivered. Should I be looking at this in terms of: Since June of 2010 my car only has 9727 miles on it?

I guess since I'm not going to trade up or sell it is probably a non-issue. Just trying to think how we all look at mileage on our cars and just how really "low mileage" my car is. I plan on hanging on to her even after I purchase a next generation ZL1 (whenever that will be.)

Opinions and comments are appreciated. Thanks!
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