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Please accept my apologies if I overstepped my bounds. At least it gave you the opportunity to explain a product point I brought up and once again show that you are being very transparent.


I'm sorry if I got out on the wrong side of bed. I met Joe and his son at C5 Fest last year and took an interest in their products. I have spent the last 9 months waiting patiently and checking in occasionally to see how it was progressing. I have developed a respect for Joe and his products and have seen his passion and integrity for what they are doing. I know they are a fledgling company with a ton of time, and I'm sure, money invested at this point. I also know it is a critical point for any new business just before production launch. I was offended by the negative aspect I interpretted and I see way too often on these forums and responded in kind. My bad. I just know that kind of stuff can sink a new business.

Let me say this: I'm a picky SOB, by admission. I know good from bad and I know what I like. Last year when I walked through the parking lot at C5 Fest it was like a light show. There were a 1000 or so cars and a lot of them had halo mods and lighting work. Joe's car stopped me dead in my tracks. It speaks for itself. Chatting with him and watching his son control everything from a wireless iPad blew me away. The more I've seen, the more I've been impressed. Smooth halos, no baking, smooth fades, smartphone controll, the list goes on...

I don't like spending my money or time twice. I've waited 9 months for what I think is the most premuim lighting product on the market. I don't think anyone is going to be disappointed with it. I've also corresponded to ask enough questions that have given me faith that Joe has every intention of putting out the absolute best product he can at the most fair price. They really have tested and developed this product to the n-th degree, including beta testers on daily drivers.

If any of you are on the fence, hop off and get ready to hang on for a fun ride! I think these products are going to become the new standard for our cars lighting.
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