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chef-bevis, no worries and I too posted this very late at night and maybe should have worded it better. It is just when you are spending $500 I do want to see a close up pic of everything in the bundle included. I am sure that gives most people warm fuzzies to know what to expect. Thank you for the kind reply Nightowl on the controller. I was just trying to confirm this is not the same one that everyone else is selling out there right now ( I actually have some of these on order for my non-auto business). Obviously as consumers we want to make sure we are spending our money wisely. I run a large internet business and know great pictures and the more pictures you have, increase sales exponentially. So it was just a suggestion. I will follow along more now and see the final roll out of this and then decide if this is the one. It looks good and you seem to be pouring your heart and soul into this and so I wish you well with this venture!
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