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Take a guess at dyno numbers for a free prize. *UPDATED WITH WINNER*

I'm going into ADM on monday for a dyno tune. I took off my skip shift eliminator and don't need it anymore. So a lucky winner that can guess the max peak HP will win it shipped to you!(USA only).

1.Must guess highest max HP correctly to the nearest whole number
2. In case of ties the correct torque number will break the tie
3. In case of the same HP/TQ numbers first post wins

About the car.

2010 LS3 with 8000 miles
ADM race intake
Kooks 2" primaries into 3" MBRP catback
Vmax ported Throttle body
Granatelli 0Ohm wires
Fuel rail flip
Heater hose relocation
Joe gibbs ls30 oil
Mobil 1 synthetic transmission and differential oils
93 Octane

I'm pretty sure they have a dynojet

Guess away!

Obzen is the winner! Almost nailed it on the head. 412RWHP/407RWTQ

Sorry for the bad video quality. It was sent cellphone to cellphone and I guess lowered the quality.
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ADM tuned 412HP/407RWTQ. Kooks 2" headers w/ cats, ADM race intake, Vmax TB, Pedders XA coilovers and ZL1 sways. 1le clone

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