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This reminds me of when I was running my business. I was Camaro, with the restrictions in place because Corvette doesn't want it's toes stepped on, and my competitor was Mustang. My restrictions were business ethics, and my competitor had none, he'd fire out with some lame and unethical big weapon, and I'd stick to my plan and improve by my standard not his. It's like the GT500, it goes fast in a straight line, good for them, Chevy has been saying for a while on the Corvette, and of course now the Camaro, that they want to work on lighter cars that are faster on tracks because of it. Ford now wants to play that game too.

So like should we even compare the GT500 to the ZL1, I mean Scott says that Mustang is Ford's Camaro and Corvette. So like shouldn't we be comparing the GT500 to the Z06 or Grand Sport, I don't know. I know if Ford won't publish the Nurburgring time for GT500 because it's slower than ZL1, then it's a heck of a lot slower than Z06 and ZR1
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