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Originally Posted by NthSideChi21 View Post
I'm not sure why you'd want pictures. You know what it is supposed to look like, well that's what it looks like.

Also, tell your dealer to look up PIC5718C. The PIC stands for Preliminary Information Bulletin so perhaps there isn't a TSB yet.

If they look that up or if you print out the details from the link posted earlier and they deny it, find a new dealer or demand to speak to a new rep. You'll get your way.

It makes no sense for them to deny a problem when Chevy will be paying the cost of the part and labor. The dealer will be reimbursed from Chevy and the total cost to you is $0.00.
looks like ??? duh ! i know what it looks like ...was wanting to see what kind of job on fit and finish....and yes my dealer denies there is a problem along with alot of other dealers on previous forums on this topic.....
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