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ECS Supercharger Kit Install Special!!!

Lethal Racing is Largest installing dealer of ECS Blowers in the South. We have tuned and installed many kits on C5, C6, C6Z's & Camaro's. With 14 years of experience in tuning Forced Induction Vehicles you can be sure that your car will be blast to drive when it leaves our shop!!!

$6999 Installed & Tuned

That price is out the door(No Hidden Fees)!!!!

To make the deal even sweeter:
Lethal Racing Dual Nozzle Alky Control- $1050 Installed
Lethal Racing Cam Package - $1500 Installed
Prosport W/B & Fuel Pressure Gauges - $675
American Racing Headers - $1450 Installed
Stainless Works Headers - $1000

Base systems come complete with a polished headunit, matte black powder coated bracket package and polished charge piping, an industry standard Tial 50mm blowoff valve, a ECS Fuel Pump Voltage Booster and 60lb Motron injectors, and a high flow front mounted air to air intercooler system in addition to a dedicated 8-Rib Crank pulley and HD Tensioner assembly. The kits are complete with all necessary hardware, silicone hoses and belts.

System Contents & Features:

• Kit adds approximately 200hp to otherwise stock vehicles, and the capability to deliver far more on modified cars.
• Belt driven NOVI 1500 centrifugal supercharger provides unmatched reliability (Vortech YSI upgrade available)
• Fuel management upgrade includes a ECS fuel pump voltage booster and 60# injectors for safe, reliable operation
• Self contained oiling for ease of installation and the best possible lubrication and cooling for the supercharger
• Braided Stainless steel oil drain line
• Tial Q OR Tial Qr 50mm Blowoff Valve.
• Billet aluminum supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes steel double, walled ball bearing idlers, Crank pulley, drive belt and all necessary hardware
• Crank pin kit and new GM Crank bolt included
• High-flow, reusable air filter
• Air inlet restrictor plate integrated into system provides greater low RPM hp & torque while maintaining safe peak RPM boost levels
• PCV oil separator to eliminate oil vapor from intake
• ECS Valve Cover Breather
• Inlet and discharge duct connections utilize heat-resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps
• Large, thermally efficient air to air intercooler
• System is designed to work with factory cooling system
• Heavy duty belt tensioner with double walled ball bearing idlers to ensure proper belt tracking and traction
• Kit comes with new NGK TR-6 spark plugs
• New 160 degree thermostat to ensure adequate cooling
• Complete kit fits under stock hood
• 6061 aluminum ducting
• Standard kit comes with polished head unit, matte black powder coated brackets and matte black ducting
•We offer polished or color-matched powder coating for brackets and charge tube: $199.00

Please Email or call us for more information.


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