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MAXJAX: Install and personal thoughts

As some of you who frequent the forum know, I’ve been in the building process with my car for quite some time now. I started with a basic toolset, and over time, seemed to amass a collection of really cool tools as my project advanced from simple heater-hose replacement to taking the engine out of the car. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the whole project thus far, I’ve repeatedly found that having the right tools can mean the difference between painlessly getting the job done, with little effort, or potentially damaging your car or even hurting yourself.

Taking the engine out, for example, was probably one of the more tense moments we’ve experienced throughout the history of the build. Once the engine was chain-bolted, dismounted from the front-bay, and ready to go, there was a moment of concern... If one mistake was made… if something slipped, if something unforeseen actually happened… if this… if that… it could mean two things; someone or something could get hurt. First thing I thought? I wish I had a lift.

Now that I do, nothing has inspired more confidence than working with a lifted project vs. a grounded project, not to mention the additional awesome-ness of being able to comfortably work on the underside of the car.

There’s no questioning the fact that the MaxJax 2 post lift is awesome, so I’ll just go over why it personally benefited me, and why I like it so much.

1. It’s portable -
With just 5 bolts on each post, I could have it moved in less than 10 minutes. With limited space in my garage, I thought about the times when a lift might get in the way if they were a more permanent install, especially considering that if I ever move, I wouldn’t be able to take the lift with me. With a lift like this, I can easily take the lift with me to the next house, or even move it to a corner when I don’t need it.

2. Easy to install -
Assembling the MaxJax generally straightforward. Really, the only thing that’s going to take you the longest is drilling the holes in the concrete…. I recommend setting a chiropractor appointment for after, LOL.

3. Opens up a world of possibilities –
I can now do my own oil changes in-house, I can paint my undercarriage, I can lower the body onto my engine vs. lifting it back in (which would be even more terrifying than taking it out), or even disproportionately stare at the bottom of my car for long periods of time and just realize how awesome it is that a car is lifted in my garage….LOL

This is how it came shipped to my door…

Name:  Ship.jpg
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Here’s all the parts laid out

Name:  laidout.jpg
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Name:  laidout2.jpg
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The electric pump being assembled

Name:  pump.jpg
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Fully Assembled

Name:  assembled.jpg
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