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Kids........The rear ends of all cars torque alot so that the rear wants to go right, Once I hit a hydroplane from a rut in my 73 chevelle 406... went backwards for over one hundred feet and the 50's saved me in back and kept me from buying new rims from the tire height when i hit the curb going backwards.....I should have powered out of it but just braked....I was doing over 50 mph when it let posi no nothing......After that I learned not to pass like a maniac in a rain storm with really wide tires.....and look out for ruts alot more, that was scary as i was headed torwards a small bridge. Often problems not going in a straight line are in too much throttle...and the roads are allways graded to make the water run off form the center of the road.........Stabilitrac on can help recover a lost cause but common sense is this happens with damn near all cars...........
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