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Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
If one wants an investment to will to one's grandchildren, there are many better options than cars.

For example, at the end of 1969 if one had invested $7,200.00, the price a of new 1969 9560 COPO Camaro, in Procter & Gamble, a typical low risk blue chip stock (not a high growth tech stock), and held that stock until today, one would have about $1,074,000. One could buy about 18 new 2013 ZL1s with that amount of money today.
When I think about all the money I have blown on cars I hate to read stuff like this. My mom bought $5000 worth of Exxon stock in 1978. Iirc it was $3.21 share and 16Xx shares. In 2006, the year before she died she had 9600 shares worth over $800,000. All in 28 years. Crazy stuff, it just kept splitting and she wouldn't sell any because she didn't want to pay the capital gains off the $3.21. Frugality has its rewards.
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