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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
I have a catch can question. I get the benefit of reducing crankcase gases and the damage the blow-by can cause. I also see the benefits of reducing the quantity of oil that is introduced to the intake track. The one downfall I see to this system is that these gases that we are re-introducing into the engine are quite warm, and raise the temp of the intake charge, which is never good. Just curious if anyone has heard anything regarding a cooler or anything like that to reduce the gas temp, or maybe it is not a big deal. Any thoughts?

OEM it is all drawn right into the IM to be burned through the combustion chamber and then the cats to meet emmissions. Add ing a catchcan actually cools these vapors before ingestion so it would be just the opposite, but I really dont think there is any benefit from the cooling. The oil ingestion is the biggest issue you want to eliminate and a good can does that.

The Elite and RX work great with the 1LE clean side separator.

The RX can is available in most any finish you want....matte black, gloss black, polished, or any color match.

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