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Originally Posted by SS 376 View Post
I think the difference is that GM cared how many C7s and ZL1s it sold and did some stuff to keep cost in check. The Z/28 is so utterly uncompromising that I don't think GM cares whether it sells 10 or 1000. The tires, the brakes, the engine, the bodywork, the glass, etc., all that stuff is specific to the Z/28. It adds up if you can't share any of the R&D costs with other cars in the lineup. That's why I think it'll end up being $70-80K, unless GM plans to take a loss on every Z/28 it sells...
They're not going to trash their whole business model of higher value vehicles by offering the Z/28 at a very high price. Yes they have to cover cost, but they'll still want to sell Z/28's. It's already bringing them a TON of attention (even among "never" before considered rival vehicles customers) just as we new it would. It's also made Ford's engineering look inept (read Boss/Boss LS).
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