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same question

what happens at a dyno day? do velociraptors spit acid in your eye and then show you pictures of their kids wile their friends laugh 'cus you can't actually see anymore? do they find out what kids used to call you in elementary school that you absolutely hated and tell all your friends so you can never escape it for the rest of your natural born life? i'm just asking.

not familiar with dyno day. i know what a dyno is. what's the dyno day?
do they impale the heads of your family members on poles and have a parade with them? they use a burning charcoal to cauterize your anus shut?

i have no idea. just, you know, throwing some completely random guesses out there. i know what dynosaurs are. i just don't know what happens at a dyno day. i bet it's the parent head parade one. but I don't know. what is it?
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