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Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
I would not be shocked one bit if my local dealer has a 15-20K markup on the car.
Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
why do people continue to buy cars with HUGE markups??????????????????????
Oh you can believe they're going to try, and for some there will be that idiot who's used to spending $100k+ who'll gladly pay $75k-$80k because to him it's "cheap" by comparison.

Most people don't know how to buy a car; never buy from a salesman. Go straight to the finance guy or the owner if he/she's there. The salesman is going to waste your time trying to mark up as much as possible; will spend 15 mins working up a ridiculous finance plan and come back with a "monthly" payment circled. When you multiply out that "monthly" payment he's acting like is such a deal by the number of months of the loan (usually 60), you'll find you're spending $90k for a $60k car.

He's going back and forth (supposedly) to the finance manager and wasting half your day with all this nonsense. In actuality he's probably going back and forth with the assistant or actual sales manager; not the finance manager. He may actually be just sitting in an office somewhere in the back "sweating" you because that's a well-known tactic. If you're tired and have been there awhile (which is why they drag things out so long) you're much more likely to just "go along" with what they want in order to just get the car and get out of there. DON'T FALL FOR THAT!!!

If you cut out the middle-man (salesman/sales manager) and go straight to either the finance manager or dealership owner, you have a much better chance of simply buying the car at MSRP without all the mark-up crappola. And if those guys start the mark-up nonsense then find another dealer.

They may tell you "I'll call one of my sales guys" but stop him/her. Say "They don't want to sell me a car, they just want to play games. I don't have all day. I just want to pay the MSRP without all the mark-up and nonsense. Do you want to make a sale?" Don't let them put you back in the salesman/sales manager loop UNLESS they've agreed to start the paperwork at MSRP.

READ THE FINAL PAPERWORK CAREFULLY and make SURE they haven't slipped something else back in there, such as an alarm system, or some other "extra" you didn't ask for, didn't tell them to put on there, and DO NOT WANT. They'll act all shocked and surprised and say it can't be removed or whatever but you just tell them you're not paying for that and this is EXACTLY the kind of games you told them up front you weren't going to play. STICK TO YOUR GUNS and make them either remove it, give it to you without extra charge, or walk and find someplace else.

You'll be amazed at how quickly "can't be done" can change once they've typed up all the paperwork and were expecting you to sign but instead you stand up to walk out because they tried to pull a fast one.

Get your financing FIRST before you go in (or pay cash) so you have the leverage of telling them "if you want to sell a car today, I'll pay MSRP without any extras or mark-ups and I'll buy it right now. If you don't want to sell a car today, just start giving me the run-around and I'll walk right out the door to one of your competitors who does want to sell a car."

I don't pay mark-ups; never have, never will.

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