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Common Question: Bayed/QC hold

One of the most common questions I have seen lately so I will very loosely address possibilities....

Why is my car delayed, bayed held at Q/C ect....

I have no affiliation with GM at all, but working in the industry I can tell you that manufacturers and suppliers do not take any chances with a potential failure, recall or any other potential issues after delivery if it can be prevented before hand. It can be very costly and or dangerous depending on the situation. (recalls, crashes, failures, reputation...ect)

Example, lets pretend that during assembly one of the automated air guns that is used to torque the (insert any component here: suspension, seat, steering column, bumper support...ect could be anything) was to develop a problem (not likely, just an example) but they do not realize it until after the car is built. They absolutely cannot ship a car until it has been inspected and or repaired.

NOW picture this issue (improper assembly) was to occur at a Tier 1 supplier (direct to GM) or Tier 2 supplier (component sold to Tier 1 to be used in part sold to GM) that supplies the XXXX part, (or any other Tier down the line) but the supplier doesn't know there is an issue until after Q/C at the plant catches it at the end of the line and notifies the supplier. This sets off a whirlwind of containment (parts hold) at the plant and the supplier. Lot numbers (tracking numbers with date/time it was produced) must be checked and tracked and questionable parts are put into containment (Q/C hold). The supplier must then "verify" their stock (confirm/double check parts are good) and often travel or sent a company to the plant to "sort" stock at the plant or supplier. If these questionable parts are already in vehicles the cars are held as well. The questionable part(s) need to be repaired or replaced depending on the situation with "verified" good components

The above tracking, holds, repairs, sorts all takes time and can cost suppliers a lot of money to fix as a supplier contract indicates how much money the supplier must pay (in this case GM) if you shut a line down. It is in suppliers best interest to fix the situation as soon a possible, but it can take some time to diagnose the situation.

As much as we all want our cars as fast as possible this is often a case of Do you want it right or do you want it right now? and you can not always have both. This does benefit the consumer in the end by ensuring your vehicle is safe and defect free when it leaves the plant......and you know that each and everyone of you would be on the web complaining about how you just took delivery and XXX failed or XXX didn't work which is worse than holding it up for a few days or weeks delaying your delivery.

The above is just one example above. Another could simply be a shortage of parts/components...Very simply, they do not have the needed parts to complete a vehicle or package due to natural disaster, a ship shipping, a port on strike, a train derailment or a hijacked load, ect.....Which are no fault of anyone, but all of which I have experienced in this industry. This would of course delay a built, however most likely not the reason a car would be Bayed or on Q/C hold after completion.

On a final note, GM nor any OEM or supplier is going to tell you what the issue or concerns are that caused a delay. It is in their best interest to inspect, repair, replace or fix any issues without calling attention to it....You will never know and you just have to accept that.

Again, I have no affiliation with GM or any other OEM. I have no idea why your particular car is held, Bayed ect nor do I speak for GM on what the actual issues are or could be.... The above is only a loose / general description of what could happen and none of the above is based on anything other than "what could happen". This is only intended to give some of you a basic understanding of why a delay may occur in the auto industry.


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