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if it was in that shape when u got it. its ur fault for accepting it. end of story. paypal would have helped u they side with buyer even if they are wrong. so u said oh i can fix it and u used it thats on u. how do we know u didnt try to install it and messed it up? thats what it looks and sounds like to me u said it urself ur not mech. inclined. if that part was like that when u opened it and u took it and installed it , well . also dont wait weeks after u recieve it to complain about it. i sell stuff on ebay and that shit use to get done to me alot. now i film what it is and show it working. then let usps package it so they cant say they didnt get whatever. been threw this to many times. if u accepted it was good enuff to install and then its ur baby.
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