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Ignition Key and Lock Mechanism

It seems so simple, but after buying my car, I put the Key in the Ignition and started it right up and drove it home to my Garage. Whereupon, I was able to turn the key far enough to turn the Engine off, but not the Accessories.
I, also, was not able to turn the key to the last stop in order to turn off the Accessories and pull the Laser Cut Key out of the Ignition Lock. Yes, I put the Automatic Transmission in Park and turned the steering wheel, but the key would still not come out. Because the car could be started right up, I left it locked up in the Garage overnight. The Battery did not run down, and I was able to drive it back to the dealer the next day which was last Tuesday. Now I and my dealers service dept is waiting for an Ignition replacement part which is not to be found in the system. None are available from the Factory and None seem to be available from the Manufacturer. I am awaiting a call back from GM's Western Districk Manager this week with an answer and hopefullly a resolution to this problem. So Far One week with the Car in the shop. Hopefully I think I am the only Camaro Owner in the US with this problem right now.
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