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Lightbulb Videos: ZL1 Airstrip Races Against Z06, CTS-V, Viper, M3, Challenger, Etc.

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE

Pics on the second page.

Last Saturday my buddies and I attended No Fly Zone 2 up in Barkersfield, California. It was 100 degrees outside and my ZL1 was performing well all day. It was first time ever racing my ZL1. We made about 30 passes. We raced from 8am-4pm, it was fn awesome. Big shout out to Ryne and Mike at Cunningham Mototsports

HPE650 CTS-V Coupe (Auto)

This C6 Z06 was killing people all day. "550hp"

This was the first race we did.
I ended up beating this S/C Viper on our last race. His top and windows were up and no passenger in either cars. I got him by 1 car length.

My Z makes 580rwhp and this Challenger is making 875rwhp!! KB 3.6L blower. He starts in third so the tires can almost hook.

I missed 5th We ended up racing later that day and I won by over one car length.

My buddy losing to a S/C M92 M3 620hp

Me racing the same M3

Full bolt on 2011 C63 AMG

Same race with the SS.. Different view

Me vs Stock 07 GT500.. I destroyed it lol

I didn't make this video but it's a must watch.
2013 M6 ZL1.. Mods- Roto-Fab CF Intake, Ported and Polish LS7 TB and Snout, 2.55" Upper Pulley, 100mm Idler Pulley, Solid Isolator, Afco Heat Exchanger with fans, ID850 fuel injectors, SW 2" LT Headers With High Flow Cats, and CMS 91 Octane tune.. 579.8rwhp and 537.4rwtq

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